The Stellar logo centered above a blue and purple gradient blob.

Stellar A stellar way to build reactive custom elements

The Delgada logo centered above a pastel green background with thick colorful lines weaving across the background.

Delgada An HTML-first web framework for building slim UIs

The text SlimElement and the web component logo centered above a colorful gradient blob shape and a dark grey background.

Slim Element A tiny base class for building web components

The text Slim SSR centered above a gradient circle that looks like a planet. There are arrows wrapping around the planet pointing to an icon of a server on one side and a phone on the other side.

Slim SSR An SSR web framework implemented in 37 lines of code

A screenshot of a browser with the Ephemeral Canvas app displayed. The canvas has hand drawn colorful letters saying hello world!.

Ephemeral Canvas A minimal drawing app with no save

The text create-cli centered above a dark grey background.

Create CLI A tiny CLI for creating new software projects

The Council Data Project logo centered above a white background.

Council Data Project Helped build a search engine for local government

An animated gif showing a very smooth slide in shot of an iphone on a desk.

Sliderr A Bluetooth enabled motion-controlled camera slider

An illustrated linked-list node with a data field containing the number forty-two and a next field with an arrow pointing towards the right. Interactive visualizations for learning data structures

An illustrated saxophone, globe, and guitar next to each other. In between each item are black arrows pointing back and forth representing network traffic.

Muscian Meetup A meetup service for musicians

A screenshot of a browser showing the course website template calendar page.

Course Website A college course website template