Web components reading list – 12 Days of Web Components

December 18, 2023 – @hawkticehurst

Welcome back to 12 Days of Web Components! A series of interactive blog posts that introduces and explores the world of web components.

This is the post for day six (woo, we’ve reached the midpoint point!), if you missed the previous posts I encourage you to go back to day one and start there.

Today we’re taking a breather to highlight the work and thoughts of others! I also may or may not need some extra time to finish up and polish the second half of my posts 😅.

This reading list includes a smattering of some of my all time favorite web component blog posts and resources. It’s organized in no particular order so feel free to skim and pick up one that looks interesting!

My web component reading list

In the next episode…

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you find an enjoyable read and/or something new!

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