The people page

May 7, 2023 – @hawkticehurst

A /people page is one solution to the problem of discovering new people online: crowdsourced human recommendation.

The idea is inspired by now pages and a newsletter by Robin Sloan, and I think you should make one!

The guidelines

A people page can take on a few forms:

A people page should recommend people:

A people page can share anyone doing anything:

A people page can be styled/formatted however you like:

Keep updating the page as time goes on:

Getting the ball rolling

To get the ball rolling and (potentially) offer some incentive to make a /people page of your own, I’ll keep a list of the pages that are sent to me or that I find as time goes on.

Send me an email or a toot and I’ll add your /people page to the list.

It takes a village

I hope for a future where a vast network of up-to-date personal recommendations exists on the web – people linking to people. I have no clue if this idea will catch on, but if it does, it will take a village.

Looking forward to discovering the people that you currently enjoy.